Wednesday, 23 March 2011


There is no god but God

There is no god, gods,

Built in stone or steal,

Built in Dynamics

In suspect prophetics

There is no god,gods

Sounding through speakers,

Singing through pop

Fizzing through bass beats

There is no god, gods,

No quarterly gods,

No outsiders, insiders,

No KPIs and indexes

There is no god, gods,

Lip gloss gods

Busty, elastics, red raging

Hormone playing gods

There is no god, gods,

Orange like jumpsuits,

Rampant like rhetoric

Collateral and bleeding

There is no god, gods,

Codex written on capitols,

Parl├ęd in the open,

Discourse of the damned

There is no god,gods,

Despite electron tracking

Quantum building

Hunting Superstrings

There is no gods, gods,

Because time and space

Are rulered and regulated

Hypothetics in chalk

But there is God.

In choice there is God

Found in the gyre

Fawn, Frost and Fire

In Schroedinger asking

In pair sequencing

In the one who gives cover

While helmets dive for cover

For those who shed

Whose heart and head

Feel out the dissonance

And rinse with the resonance

There is God

In the mountain that shuddered READ

In the seas that tore to PART

In the tyrants pits DREAM

In the marketplace SEE

In the garden blooming FORGIVE

In the darkness BE

And there is God

Known from this soul

In the moments between

Known from other souls

In the moments connected

Known from the faithful

In the moments that faith left

Known from the grateful

In the moments faith flowed back

Known from those that know not

In the rippling half giggle

Known from those that knew too much

In the yearning seeking sighs

And there is God

In the lack of Words

©Ali A.Naqvi


  1. This one is my favorite one of all your works, I think...

  2. I love this poem!