Thursday, 10 March 2011


This cup is empty yet made for filling

Saqi, fill it once again, for all my failings

Too long chasing visions offline

Saqi , pour me a drop of the divine

This cup is empty for lack of insight

Saqi, I fell for fool’s gold, for delight

Said the Sufi, look lost no more

Call for the Saqi, let him pour.

I have stumbled from countless medics

Saqi, to reams of leather-bound clerics

I have talked with Jinh in the dust

And heard them say “Dam Ali Mast”

I have been a victim of clawing doubt

Times where my heart would give out

In the badlands of fear and distrust

And then I have heard “Dam Ali Mast”

Leave me grasping, thirsty no more

Saqi, I place my cup, you must pour

So this love can route through my core

Saqi, wait no more, wait no more.


Ali A. Naqvi

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