Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I want that day, that unexpected night,
I felt certitude wiring the spine straight
As the Architect slotted all into place
And the Ravi* pooled peace into my fate.
For bending boughs and the heaving roses
Were too much for this realist.
But, Saqi, though I parched my words,
Kept my rhyme dry, ran rhythm with grit
The Planner split my rhetoric, left
My logic limp and excuses spent
So sought, so gave me my other half.
So follows Qamr where Shams went**.

by Ali Naqvi

*Ravi is a river in Punjab, which runs through Lahore.
** Qamr is the moon in arabic. Shams the Sun. Shams -e - Tabrizi was also the scholar and mystic who was Jallaludin Rumi's greatest friend.
Also The Planner and The Architect refer to aspects of God.

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