Friday, 15 July 2011

Twelve Moments

I have just completed this cycle of poems:

They all are about my relationship with my father, especially his passing. They are posted as if they go backwards in time. The idea is that one travels from the current landscape of emotion to the earliest memories. Some of these poems were written at the time of his passing, some a long time before but most were written in after 2007. I have indicated this when relevant.

The intention is for the reader to follow one poem to another, and thus build up layers of understanding as one time travels,. However, should you choose to skip from one to the other. It is entirely up to you.

Comments are always welcome.


  1. Ali, these poems are absolutely gorgeous. They are emotionally and aesthetically complex, and yet a simple and straightforward expression of human loss and sorrow. I feel honored just reading them. Keep writing, my friend. And self-publish your novel already! There are tons of people who need and want to read works like yours!

  2. Asad Kizilbash18 July 2011 at 18:03

    Ali, I had no idea that you wrote such beautiful poetry. I hope you will keep on posting your poetry on FB. Thanks.